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Ceremony Decorations

There are many ways to decorate the ceremony. First and foremost are with flowers. Flowers can make or break your budget - so be sure to set your budget before shopping. Green and white flowers are a perfect selection for any wedding; colorful flowers that match your wedding theme are also a great idea.

Floral Decorations

  • A floral arrangement for the center of the altar.
  • Flowers at the end of the pews (choose every two or three pews to cut down on cost).
  • An arrangement for the entrance door.
  • Vase on either side of the bride and groom.
  • An archway for the bridal party to walk through.

Saving on Floral Decorations

  • If another couple is marrying at the ceremony site on the same day, consider splitting the cost of the flowers used at the ceremony site.
  • Select a date that is not near a major flower-giving holiday, such as Mother's Day or Valentine's Day.
  • If you are marrying during a holiday, such as Easter or Christmas, chances are that the church will be fully decorated for that holiday.
  • Get married in a garden - that will surely save you money on flowers.
  • Select flowers that can also be used/transported to the wedding reception.
  • Use tulle bows instead of flowers for pew decorations.

Decorative Alternatives

  • Use candles to create a more romantic atmosphere.
  • Have each guest light their own candle during the ceremony (check with ceremony site for restrictions).
  • Use rose petals instead of an aisle runner; or check with site to see if they have an aisle runner for rent.

After the Ceremony

  • Deliver to a nursing home or hospital for others to enjoy.
  • Deliverto a sick friend or relative who could not attend your wedding.
  • If there is a service the next day, they may be left behind.
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