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Ceremony & Children

Photo by Matthew A. Poyant Photographics

Whether you are including children in the ceremony or they are guests to the ceremony, you must take into consideration their needs. Children can become restless and overwhelmed and you do not want this to spoil your wedding ceremony. Be prepared!

If you decided to include a child or children in your ceremony, be ready for the unexpected.

Roles for Children

  • They may serve as altar boys or girls
  • Read a poem or a passage during the ceremony
  • Hand out wedding programs
  • Greet your guests and seat them
  • Hand out flowers to your guests
  • Sing a hymn
  • Give wedding favors to your guests
  • Be in charge of the guest book

Alternative Items for a Flower Girl
The flower girl doesn't have to carry a basket of flowers. Here are a few alternative items that she can carry:

  • Photograph of a special relative
  • The Bible
  • Small lantern
  • Basket of candy
  • An arrangement for the altar
  • Favorite toy

Tips for children in the wedding
Dress children comfortably. The flower girls’ dress should complement your bridesmaids' dress. Nonskid, comfortable shoes are important. If the child is uncomfortable, they will let you know!

Have your photographer photo the children before they get tired and restless. Candid shots of the children will look great in your wedding album.

Have fake wedding rings sewn to the ring bearer’s pillow. Do not sew the real wedding rings to the pillow or you may just be missing one or both by the time he reaches the altar!

Make sure the child knows where his mother and father will be sitting during the ceremony. This may make them feel a little bit at ease. After the child walks down the aisle he/she may be more comfortable sitting with his/her parents rather than being with the bridal party.

If the child decides not to perform his/her role, don't push. It may make matters worse!

Expect the unexpected and things will go OK. Children have a mind of their own and they do not realize the extent of what is unfolding during your wedding day! Relax and smile.

Learn how to keep children entertained during the wedding reception.

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