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Wedding Pet Accessories: Will you include your pet?

Want to add a twist to your wedding party? Consider including your 'best friend' - that is yours or his dog. Many couples share a pet and consider them as part of the family and their best friend, so why not include on your wedding day? Your dog(s) can play the role of best dog or dog of honor, ring bearer dog or as a witness. If you are not sure your dog will participate in the actual wedding ceremony, consider including them in photographs before the wedding or after. You can easily find wedding accessories for your four legged friend. Checkout some of the suggestions from our friends at TheWeddingOutlet.com:

pet tux Pet Tux: Perfect for dogs participating as best dog at a formal wedding, a pet tux gives the appearance of a tux jacket, shirt and bow tie all with an easy snap closure. For dogs who might chew on their tux, a tuxedo dog collar, a black satin bow with a button lapel and a band that ties around the dog's neck, might be a better option.
pet wedding bow Pet Wedding Bow: For dogs participating as dog of honor, a black or white embroidered wedding bow that attaches to their existing collar shows off their “best pet” status.
dog ring pillow Dog Ring Pillow: Ring bearer pillows come in multiple sizes to accommodate most dog breeds. Decorated with ruffles and satin ribbons, these types of pillows attach easily to collars as well
dog wings Dog Wings: Another option for ring bearer dogs is light-weight dog wings. Wings are complete with elastic leg bands, a marabou pouf in the center, and two satin ribbons to hold the rings.

Couples include pets in their weddings because their pets are part of the family.  It’s up to each couple to decide to what extent or capacity they’d like their pets to participate.  No matter what role pets play, there are lots of stylish doggie accessories available for weddings.  Once an accessory is chosen, try it on the dog ahead of time to ensure they won’t try and pull at it or bite it off at the wedding.  If the dog’s comfortable wearing it, you can be comfortable knowing your furry friend is happy to participate in your special day.

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