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Wedding Cocktails

Are you looking to turn your wedding day bar offerings from the usual beer and wine to fun, festive colorful cocktails that your guests will remember for years to come?

We’ve got some really unique and beautiful ideas for your big day!


RI Wedding Reception Cocktails
Image by Stacie Kirkwood Photography

1) Don’t get caught up in hot trends for your wedding day cocktail. Remember, the drink (or drinks!) should be something that you and your Husband-To-Be will enjoy.

2) Take weather into a consideration. Heavier, cream based drinks are perfect for a winter wedding.  Lighter drinks are perfect for spring and summer weddings.

3) One drink, two ways: Worried His & Hers cocktails will have you over budget? A vodka lemonade can be served with yellow and pink lemonade. Decorate differently and you have a perfect Bride & Groom Drink.

4) Check with your venue and make sure all the necessary ingredients are available for your special wedding day cocktail. Remember, more intricate drinks require special preparation (muddling, fruit preparation, zesting), so make sure everyone is on the same page.

5) Most important: don’t play by the rules! This is your day to have a little fun ~ add that extra splash of liqueur for color! You can also add anything to a “traditional” drink to change things up. For instance, add grilled peaches or crushed raspberries to a Mojito and now you’ve made it uniquely your own!

We love Bride and Grooms creativity when it comes to their wedding day cocktails. The days of only wine and beer served are “out,” and “in” are wedding cocktails that play on everything from theme to the couple’s favorite drink. We can’t get enough of all the color and fun!

RI Wedding Reception Cocktails

CHAMPAGNE: Lots of weddings serve this traditional drink but it’s time to up the fun (and taste) factor with a little flair.

Pink champagne with edible gold sugar glass rims are glamorous.

Champagne over popsicles will cool off your guests on a warm day!

Fruit adds glorious color and flavor.

RI Wedding Reception Cocktails

ADD FLAIR! Add a punch of color to even a traditional drink and you’ll make it anything but ordinary.  These ideas will have your guests talking!

A pint of Guinness gets dressed up with a clover!

Unique stirrers add a punch of color to your Big Day cocktails!

Rim the glass with candied sugar.

RI Wedding Reception Cocktails

THEMED COCKTAILS: With so many beautifully hued liqueurs, you can magically transform any drink to project your theme. Adding elements to your drink (flowers, shaped ice), can convey elements of your theme, too.

Rustic: mason jars for the bridal party

Flowe Petals - perfect for a garden or Hawaiian theme

Fiesta Theme: tacos and tequila!

RI Wedding Reception Cocktails

LET YOUR DRINKS TELL A STORY: One of our favorite ideas is to transform your bar with an elegant drink menu that features your special signature cocktails.  We love how these Brides and Grooms made their wedding cocktails so memorable.

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