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Rolling Restaurants Rock Rhode Island Receptions

Rolling restaurant for your RI wedding reception? Street food plays a role in feeding people looking for a quick and inexpensive bite - but what about at your wedding? The fragrant scents that float through the streets from food trucks call out to the businessperson looking for a quick hot dog on the way to a meeting, the student craving a grilled cheese before his first class, or the little girl waiting for a frozen lemonade. Those types of curbside cookery remain popular but the grab-and-go food truck has gone gourmetand these roaming restaurants are turning up at weddings.

If you’re thinking about having a food truck at your wedding, but you’re not sure how to incorporate one or what type you’d like, here are a few ideas.

Before the wedding, you can use a food truck to prepare appetizers for guests.  Appetizers you can serve might include mini-slider sandwiches in a variety of flavors like pulled pork, Cuban style or cheeseburger, pork, shrimp or edamame dumplings, or a selection of personal pizzas like margherita, arugula and prosciutto or grilled veggie.

During the wedding, you can have multiple food trucks that might serve in place of the traditional stations at a wedding.  You can have a farm-to-table truck with dishes prepared from locally sourced ingredients, a vegan friendly truck with veggie kabobs or a grill truck with gourmet portobello mushroom or blackened blue cheese burgers.

Another way to incorporate a food truck during the wedding is to have a truck that serves fare from the region you live in like Southern style BBQ chicken and ribs or New England lobster rolls or food derived from your cultural background like Mexican tacos, Japanese sushi, Indian curries, or Greek gyros.

After the wedding, a food truck can serve as a coffee bar with espressos, cappuccinos and lattes, or as a dessert station with a truck featuring tiramisu and red velvet cupcakes, exotic ice creams with fabulous flavors like coconut almond or green tea, or crepes filled with fresh fruit or chocolate hazelnut spread.

You can even park a food truck outside the wedding reception to provide a post event wedding breakfast treat for guests driving home.  Items served might include breakfast burritos, egg sandwiches or freshly made apple cider doughnuts.

Food trucks have evolved from places to grab a late night snack or lunch on-the-run to gourmet mobile catering businesses with inventive, epicurean menus to rival those at some haute cuisine restaurants.  Food trucks may be the way to go if you’re looking for a unique, fun spin on the wedding menu and an alternative to the served or buffet style dinner.

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