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Topping Your Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is often a showpiece of the wedding reception – and the cake top is just as important as 'the icing on the cake'! The cake top should accent the design of each cake's layer, plus reflect your personality, as well. Wondering what to top your cake with? We found many local area professionals that offer a wide array of ideas to top the wedding cake!

Flower Cake Tops

Fresh Flowers or Sugar Flowers: a great way to tie in your floral arrangements with your wedding cake. From fresh flowers created by your wedding florist to sugar flowers created by your cake baker, this is sure to be a gorgeous topper.

Images featured from TNC Photo

Ribbon Cake Top

Sugar Shapes & Ribbon: your baker may be able to create a unique topper just for you! Some shapes include snowflakes, starfish, or perhaps just an abstract piece of work? Not for you? Consider a sugar ribbon to 'tie' together your color scheme to the cake. The sky is the limit!

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Jeweled Cake Tops

Sports Themed: more and more couples are routing on their favorite sports teams together - and showing their love for the game with a sports themed cake topper!

Images featured from left or right: The Wedding Outlet, Jen Osojnicki, Photographer

wedding figurines

Bride & Groom Figurines: this trend is making a comeback. With many figurines sold individually, you can easily mix and match cake tops – select from color of hair, ethnicity, gender, etc. Figurines come in different positions, too – select figurines that dance, shop, holding a symbol of a favorite hobby, etc.

Images featured from The Wedding Outlet's Bride & Groom Cake Toppers

Comical Cake Tops

Comical Cake Tops: quite a popular trend these days. Add a bit of character to your wedding cake with a funny topper. From a bride dragging the groom down the aisle to a groom fishing or bride holding a frog, these fun toppers can be a hit at your reception! These are great for bridal showers, too!

Images featured from The Wedding Outlet's Comical Cake Tops

Monogram Cake Tops

Monogram or Initials: another trend that is becoming quite popular, is the merging of your first name initial with his first and last name initial – creating your monogram. Or consider just a large single initial of your new married name. From scripty letters with rhinestones or Swarvoski crystals to colorful block letters, the sky is the limit!

Images featured from The Wedding Outlet's Monogram Cake Toppers

Themed Wedding Cake Tops

Themed Cake Toppers: having a theme wedding? Select a cake top that matches. If you can't find one already made, ask your baker if they have suggestions that they may create for your theme. Winter snowflakes, Asian symbols, Claddaugh tops - the list goes on and on.

Images featured from The Wedding Outlet's Wedding Cake Toppers

Find unique cake toppers captured by RI photographers.

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