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Fingerprint Tree Guest Book

The Fingerprint Tree Guestbook is a fabulous idea for the couple that is looking for more than just a traditional guest book for their wedding day. This unique guest book is more than guests' signature, but it also includes the traces and ridges of each guests’ fingerprint.

An easy addition to any reception - whether you are a DIY bride or not.

Discover 4 steps to add this to your wedding day:

unique wedding guest book

Step 1. Draw/Purchase a Tree

If you are creative, you can draw a tree with bare branches and limbs. For those of us who cannot draw, don’t worry, ‘bare’ trees can be purchased. Have your names and wedding date inscribed to mark the date. Be sure to have enough space available for the number of guests you are expecting.

fingerprint guest book

Step 2. Select Fingerprint Colors

Select the colors you wish to use as fingerprints. Soft pastels are a great choice; or consider bold fall autumn colors such as orange, red and yellow, if you are having a Fall New England wedding. The image to the right features all the same colored fingerprints, with the exception of the bride and groom - another unique way to make it your own!

wedding guest book

Step 3. Post Instructions with Supplies on Welcome Table

Leave instructions on your Welcome Table alerting guests to how to ‘sign in.’ Each guest will need to select a paint color, dip their finger into the pain, then apply as a leaf on a branch or limb. Each guest should then sign their name underneath their fingerprinted leaf.


Step 4. Frame and Hang

After the event, frame tree and you now have a truly one-of-a-kind guestbook from your wedding day.

Images above from bleu de toi  
Rhode Island bridal makeup artistsTip: To avoid any stains or spills on dresses and suits, be sure to leave wipes and tissues readily available for guests to wipe their hands clean after leaving a fingerprint.
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