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Wedding Accessories: 8 Forgotten Items

With so much emphasis of the wedding day on the venue, bridal gown, photographer and other high ticketed items, it's no wonder that the wedding accessories are often overlooked! Most couples aren't budgeting for the smaller details - or rather lumping them under a 'miscellaneous' line item - and are paying heavy attention to ensuring the right wedding professional is selected.

So, what exactly is this 'miscellaneous' line item? It's the small things that add to the ambiance of the venue, captured in the photos, accent (or hide under) the bridal gown plus other small priced items that make it your wedding.

Below are the top 8 most forgotten wedding accessories that you'll want to purchase [at least] a month or two before your wedding:

Wedding Accessories: Wedding Programs Wedding Accessories: Aisle Runners Wedding Accessories: Something Blue Wedding Accessories: Card Holders

Wedding Programs

Aisle Runner

Something Blue

Card Box

Wedding Accessories: Guest books Wedding Accessories: Serving Sets Wedding Accessories: Toasting Flutes Wedding Accessories: Cake Toppers

Guest Book & Pen

Cake Serving Set

Toasting Flutes

Cake Toppers

There are many more wedding accessories, but the above are those that most couples find to be essentials. Not sure where to look for these items? Start with our Accessories category - you'll find a few online stores that offer affordable and fast shipping that not only carry the above but also many more wedding accessories to help add to your wedding day!

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