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wedding memory box
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Wedding Memory Box

The guest book has evolved from a traditionalguest book with lines for well wishes and signatures to amazing keepsakes and memory boxes. This latest trend is just another one of those ideas that screams “Got to have it!” The Memory Box is a sturdy, elegant box that will hold the treasured words and well wishes your guests leave for you on your wedding day.

Place the Memory Box on your Welcome Table with a stack of stationery. As guests arrive, they may write a personal message to and place inside the Memory Box for you to open at a later date.

Read all the special wishes at once when you return from your honeymoon; or savor each note by setting time aside each evening or once a week to open a new note filled with well wishes. The notes are kept safely tucked in a sturdy box to treasure for years to come. Open each note again every year to read on your wedding anniversary, every 5 years or on special occasions - whenever!

Get creative, consider incorporating one of these ideas:

  • Consider sending a blank note card with the shower or engagement party invitation. Ask guests to write a piece of advice and bring with them to event. Leave the box on a table welcoming guests and asking them to leave behind their note cards. Be sure to offer a few blank cards on this table for those that forgot to bring their note card with them!
  • Spread blank note cards at tables with pens and instructions for guests to leave a note, inspirational phrase, or memory of the two of you. Then have them place inside the box when complete.
  • Create an Anniversary Box. Write a love letter to one another then seal it an envelope marked “1st Year Anniversary”. On your one year anniversary, exchange the love letters. Then write a new love letter to be opened the follow year. Continue to do so. You’ll be documenting your love for one another and have mementos for years to come.

Your wedding day is unique to you, incorporating small details such as the Memory Box is just one more way that you can enjoy your wedding memories for years to come. Have a unique idea? Email us or post on our Facebook page - we love to share memorable ideas!

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