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Weddings used to be celebrated all over the world with their own unique ceremonies and traditions, but with many different cultures adopting the “white wedding” practice, more and more couples are personalizing their wedding by adding an ethnic tradition which celebrates their heritage.  Adding music and dance with ethnic elements to your evening’s entertainment is one of the most fun ways to honor the customs from your culture.  In addition to an RI wedding band or DJ, you may also want to hire professional musicians or dancers who can perform an ethnic act either during the ceremony, cocktail hour or at the reception. Here are some of our ideas for culturally diverse musical and dance styles that can be performed at weddings.
wedding entertainment RI wedding entertainment RI

African drum band performance – combines high energy dance and drums - may include a fire show.

Bagpipes – ancient form of folk music from regions throughout Europe, Northern Africa, and Persian Gulf but most associated with Irish or Scottish heritage.

Steel drum band –originating from Trinidad and Tobago, provide popular sounds of the Caribbean.

Mariachi ensemble – musical ensemble originally from Mexico traditionally used in courtship and for serenading women.

Japanese drum troupe –Taiko groups, an art form of ensemble drumming, perform at festivals and other celebrations.

Band featured above: The Search Party



Latin Dance – energetic styles of partner dancing like the salsa, merengue and paso doble.

Lion or dragon dances – traditional dances done at Chinese celebrations. (Check out video of Montreal Chinese Lion Dance Club)

Bollywood dance – modern Indian dancing combining classical Indian, folk dancing and Western technique that’s expressive and meaningful.

Polka - lively Central European dance originated from Czech lands.

Belly dance – Traditional Middle Eastern dance focusing on the hips.

If your wedding budget doesn’t allow for hiring a full blown group of professional musicians or dancers to perform, perhaps you can hire a dance teacher or student who can lead your guests in a traditional dance lesson or maybe you can get your guests up on the dance floor yourself for a circle, money or tarantella dance, much more budget-friendly options.

Celebrating your cultural heritage at your wedding through dance and music is a cool way to pass on and share old-world traditions with your family and friends.  If you’re interested in hiring an ethnic performer for your wedding, research performers in your area and go see them perform for yourself so you can compare and find the best act to fit your individual need.

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