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Wedding Reception Lighting

Create an ambiance like no other wedding reception with uplighting. By using uplighting, LED lights, you can transform your reception from elegant dining to upbeat dancing. LED lights can change colors throughout the night to compliment your color scheme. Use soft lights during the dinner portion of your reception; then take it up a notch with the dramatic effect of bright, vivid colors that change throughout the night during the dancing portion

AllStar Lighting (aka AllStar Entertainment) has provided us with some awe inspiring images of local wedding receptions. Imagine the magical and romantic atmospher you can create with this simple touch. Reception sites, Disc Jockeys or lighting technicians can assist you with this wedding task.

GOBO - GOes Between Optics is another option for uplighting. GoBO makes it very easy to personalize your wedding. The lighting technician can project your names and wedding date, a logo, a graphic of your choice, etc. onto the dance floor or wedding reception wall.

Reception Uplighting

GoBO (GOes between optics)

Images above provided by AllStar Entertainment/Lighting. Transform any wedding reception with a breathtaking array of custom colors.  No wires, no plugs, no placement limitations!  Our lighting experts can instantly change any room to match your event's motif and then keep the crowd amazed all night with dramatic lighting scene changes unobtrusively made by wireless remote control! Learn more on AllStar Entertainment services.
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