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The Great Cake Debate: Wedding Cake vs Wedding Cup Cake

Brides are putting their own unique stamp on their weddings. From the location of the reception, type of entertainment and kind of food and drink, couples are basing their wedding decisions more on their personal likes and dislikes rather than perhaps what their parents want or societal wedding norms.  Some couples have clear ideas about what they’ll do traditionally and what they’ll do more personally, some do not. This decision making uncertainty brings us to one of many possible great debates among couples, specifically, should they serve a traditional wedding cake or go with cupcakes?  Here are some things to consider when choosing?

wedding cakes
Wedding Cupcakes
  • Cupcakes may be less expensive than a tiered cake
  • Serving cupcakes is very trendy
  • You won’t have to incur a cake cutting fee from the venue
  • You can make your own wedding cupcakes
  • An assortment of cupcake flavors and frostings give guests more options
  • More options means more cupcakes as guests will eat more than one
  • You won’t be able to cut a cupcake
  • Cupcakes are perceived as more casual
  • Cupcakes are perceived as kid’s birthday party fare
  • Guests might not want to eat with their hands
Wedding Cake
  • Wedding cake is more traditional/ customary for a formal event
  • You don’t often get the chance to eat a beautiful, multi-tiered cake slice
  • Sometimes the wedding cake is included in the venue price so there’s no add'l cost
  • Keep the cake cost down by having a small tiered cake for cutting then sheet cakes for serving to guests
  • Multi-tiered cakes can be different flavors
  • Cakes can accommodate many sizes and styles of fancy cake toppers
  • The multi-tiered cake looks great in photos
  • You can keep the small top layer to freeze for your first anniversary
  • A multi-tiered wedding cake can be expensive
  • Some people prefer to pick up a dessert or two during the night as they dance, etc.
Who says you have to choose between a more traditional cake and trendy cupcakes? Why not be unique and have both? Sometimes having both types of cakes ends up pleasing your family and friends. A cupcake tower with a cake at the very top makes for a nice display as does a large multi-tiered cake surrounded by cupcakes. Your guests can then decide if they want to sit and eat cake or eat a cupcake at the bar. Either way, they should all taste good!
wedding cup cakes

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