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Let There be Wedding Cake!

Selecting a wedding cake used to be a piece of cake, but with the endless flavor and filling combinations now available, the task of selecting a wedding cake you and your guests will enjoy is tougher but tastier.  Whether you select a multi-layer statement cake with dummy tiers, a round or square custom cake, or a small cake for cutting with sheet cake slices for guests, here are some popular flavors to consider during your cake tasting process.

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Flavors: Vanilla, chocolate and yellow are popular cake flavors but couples are now getting a bit more adventurous in their cake flavors.  Orange flavored pound cakes, lemon cakes, coconut, red velvet, and even hazelnut flavored cakes, are popping up at weddings everywhere. Can’t decide on one flavor? You don’t have to! Couples are even doing individual cake layers in different flavors so they can offer a variety of tastes to guests.

Fillings: Just as cake flavors are becoming more sophisticated, couples are going for more exotic cake filling flavors as well. In most cases, the flavor of the cake will determine the flavor of the filling. Don’t worry that your filling flavors will be limited though. There’s sure to be multiple options to complement whatever cake flavor you choose. Depending on your cake and wedding season, some fun filling flavors to consider are passion fruit mousse, raspberry, coconut cream, tiramisu and even cannoli. 

Frostings: The wedding cake frosting is so important because not only does it have to taste good but it has to look good! The frosting is the canvas where the decorator will create his or her masterpiece. Butter cream or fondant is typically used as icing since they are both smooth and white. Both make a great background for trendy cake painting, fondant or fabric ribbon, metallic braiding or appliqués, cake jewelry like edible fondant pearls or rhinestone cake brooches, and even cascading fresh or edible sugar flowers.

There are so many flavors and styles of cakes to choose from, picking your favorite is all part of the fun!  Any way you slice it, with a little time for tastings, you’ll find the perfect combination of flavors, fillings and frostings to make your cake taste and look great.

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