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Involving Fiance
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Involving Your Fiancé

Years ago, brides would prepare and plan for their weddings with their mother’s assistance since traditionally the bride’s family hosts and pays for most of the wedding. Nowadays, more couples are paying for and planning their weddings together.

Some feel their partner is not getting nearly as involved as they would like, while others complain that their fiancés are getting involved in every little detail. Most do seem to want some type of involvement from their partner, after all it’s a wedding for both of you, so here are some tips on getting your partner involved, as little or as much as you want.

Have your fiancé do the things that will interest him most.
There are some who like to use their hands, so ask if they’d like to tackle some of the DIY projects like assembling the invitations, putting together the centerpieces or making the favors. Then there are the techies who might like to take care of hiring the wedding photographer, videographer or disc jockey. Let’s not forget the foodies who would enjoy tasting, selecting menu and service type as well as creating special drink items or a specialty drink for the reception.  Take advantage of your partner's strengths and skills like being a good negotiator or being technologically inclined to ensure his involvement.

Have your fiancé make the final selections with you.
Rather than getting your fiancé involved in every last detail (unless you want to, of course), it may be easier for you to do most of the research and legwork on a wedding vendor or particular idea and narrow down the choices to a few. You can then present say, your top three picks, for the final selection.  Having photos of the top choices may also help your fiancé make his decision.

Make a task list with deadlines.
If you find you need to split the tasks equally between the two of you, make a list of the tasks you and your partner would be able to take on with a due date. This helps to keep you both on task without stressing.  It also enables you both to check in and update each other on the progresses made, creating a balance of tasks and good communication.

Some want to be involved in all aspects of wedding planning while others have little or no desire to get involved, but no matter what type of partner you have, do make an effort to ensure your partner is included in planning the wedding.

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