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Alternatives to Wedding Guest Books

Wedding Guest Book Alternatives come in all different shapes and sizes. From porcelain platters and vases to frames to hold your engagement photo, check out our favorite trend-setting guest book alternatives:

Signature Platters or Vases


Signature Frames

Platter or Vases
A ceramic platter has a strong appeal to today's bride. Guests use a marker to sign a vase or platter. After the event, some pieces do require "cooking" to ensure long-life of the signatures.

Supplies: Platter or Vase, marker.
Contact a local clay or pottery shop to design and create your own signature platter or vase.Be sure to check with the shop for info on purchasing a marker or if the platter or vase needs to be "cooked."

Shop for a vase or platter on-line or at a pottery shop. On-line offers many options with decals or personalization available; or you can check with your local pottery shop to see if the can custom make one especially for you.


Signature Frames
A great alternative which gives you the perfect spot to display your engagement photo! Guests sign on the matte around your photo (be sure to remove glass before the reception for signing).

Supplies: Frame, Matte, Pens
Visit a craft store to pick out a large frame. Then select a matte that will leave ample room for signatures and a few colored pens that will show well on colored matte. IE: purchase a 20x24 frame with an 8x10 or 11x14 matte (holds an 8x10 or 11x14 photo). The more guests, the more space needed for signatures.

You can find a selection of sizes, frame trims, with or without personalization on-line at TheWeddingOutlet.com.

Wedding Wish Boxes


Photo Booth Favors

Wish Boxes
Let your guests leave a personal message on paper! Guests can complete small pieces of paper with a special note then drop inside a wish box or vase.

Supplies: wish box/vase, paper, pens
Purchase a box or vase at Michael's or craft store, plus stationery for notes. Box may have a top that can be removed before the wedding or a slot for guests to insert note after writing. Crafty? Purchase a simple box and decorate with ribbon and decals to match your theme or color. Get creative - use a glass box or vase for a more elegant look. Consider cutting decorative scrapbooking paper for guests to leave their note on.

Shop on-line for wish boxes. They typically come with a slot on top and note paper for guests to write on. A few style books also are available with the concept of a book rather than a box or vase. Guest tucks note into a slot or envelope inside a book.


Memory Books/Scrap Books
Guests take a polaroid and attach to scrapbook then write a note. Not only will guests have fun posing, but you'll have a complete scrapbook of your wedding day!

Supplies: Memory Book or Scrapbook, scrap pages, pens, polaroid camera, tape
Place a polaroid camera beside srapbook/memory book with pen(s). To ensure you have room for all guests' photos and notes, draw sections on each page for each guest to write in. Scrapbook pages come in a variety of colors and styles - find a fun wedding print or color.

Don't have a polaroid camera? Consider asking guests to bring a picture of themselves or the two of you to the wedding. Then leave tape and book out for guests to insert image into the scrapbook.

Consider renting a Photo Booth. It has all the essentials. This can dual as a favor, too. Guests leave a copy of the photo for you, but also get to take one home. Photo above provided by Photo Booth Favors.

Rhode Island bridal makeup artistsTip: Leave instructions! If you use something other than the traditional wedding guest book, you'll want your guests to know what to do. Include a framed set of instructions or have a family member man the Welcome Table while guests arrive. This ensures they'll know what to do with that Polaroid camera or marker and vase!
Learn about the Fingerprint Guest Book | Shop for Wedding Guest Book Alternatives

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