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Incorporate Photos

Your wedding day is unique and special. Above all, it’s about you. So, what better way to personalize your wedding than with photographs? Below are some great ways to include photos into your wedding to add a personal touch to your special day.

Ceremony Seating

Ceremony Seating: frame or tie images to seats of the two of you growing up along the aisle. As guests are seated, they’ll walk down the aisle amidst photos of the two of you with family and friends as you grew up. A great personal touch! Tip: Get more for your buck - have a friend or family member bring these to the reception and leave at the Card Table.

Photo Vase or Frames

Photo Vase or Frames: insert photos of the two of you growing up to decorate your tables! Photo vases have a slot to slip a photo into (consider your engagement photo), then fill the vase with flowers, seashells or other décor items – your centerpieces are complete! Or use photo frames to place in front of the table centerpieces. Go the extra mile by adding photos of you and the guests that are sitting at each specific table. Upon viewing the images, your table guests will be able to share the moment and connect with other guests sitting at the table. Tip: if you plan on giving frames or vases away to guests, skip the personalization! They more apt to use it over and over if it is not personalized.

Signature photo frames

Signature photo frames: photo mats are typically large enough to house a 5”x7” or 8”x10” photo of the two of you (typically an engagement photo). Guests then sign the photo mat, creating a classy, guest book alternative. Tip: Stray from a traditional white mat and use silver or a color that compliments your wedding colors, but don't go too bold as it you'll want to display it in your home after wedding. Consider switching the engagement photo to the two of you on your wedding day to make it a true keepsake.

Personalized Photo Guest Books

Personalized Photo Guest Books: these creative guest book alternatives feature pages which house single instant photos. Guests can snap photos and then write their own personalized messages. It’ll give guests a fun activity to participate in during cocktail hour and a special treasure for you to remember the day by.
Tip: if its in your budget, consider a photo booth for your guests! It'll bring back old times for many guests and you'll both have pics to remember the day. Many are available with a personalized guest book.

Who can resist stopping to look at photographs? Photographs are an intimate look into the lives of individuals. Incorporating photos into your reception is not only easy; it’s also fun and a great way to share your happiness with your wedding guests. After all, your reception should be a time for fun, not work.

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