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When Styles Collide:
Compromise, Collaborate & Celebrate

You don’t need to be a relationship expert to know that men and women have differences in the way they communicate and solve problems - which may help contribute to disagreements when it comes to wedding planning. If you already have different ideas about wedding style, how can you merge your personalities to create a wedding that reflects the both of you without angering each other in the process? 

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Once you’ve established each other’s favorite wedding style and the mood each person is going for, it’s now time to work together to achieve a cohesive look merging both styles. 

A traditional style wedding reception can add hints of modernism by switching out more conventional hourglass hurricane centerpieces for sleeker, more contemporary cylindrical hurricane centerpieces.  Another way to add a little bit of modern to a traditional wedding is through color.  Keep all the traditional decorating elements but add the pop of a trendy color for an instant update.

A country/city style event can be achieved by using a rural or outdoor location like a barn, ranch or garden but adding a few unexpected touches to make the feeling more elegant.  An easy way to do that is through the use of metallic colors, mirror, or even adding a couple of crystal chandeliers to the space. The addition of a bold color like red or graphic color combination like black and white can also bring a bit of city style to an otherwise country wedding.

When trying to merge each other’s different styles, you’ll need to agree to disagree and resolve your differences to make the best of each of your ideas work together.  Communicate effectively so that each person’s needs are heard and make compromises to create the type of wedding that each of you has dreamed about.  In the end, you’ll be able to celebrate at an event that reflects your individual personal styles.

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