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Bachelorette Parties for all Brides and Budgets

A bachelorette party is a party for the bride-to-be commemorating her last days as a single lady. Given by her friends and bridal party, the type of bachelorette party should appeal to the bride. The party activities and entertainment will also depend on where you live and how much you want to spend.  Bachelorette parties run the gamut from at home dinner parties, to partying with male strippers, to getaway weekends.  Regardless of the type of party planned, the bachelorette party is a night for hanging out with girlfriends and making great memories.  Here are a number of fun party ideas for all kinds of brides and budgets.


House Parties
Who says you have to go out for a good time? House parties are a great option for bachelorette parties because you can easily control the costs and activities. 

If your group is the partying type, have an adult style sleepover with a fabulous buffet spread and a few signature cocktails.  Add erotic themed party favors, drinking games and a visit from a male stripper for a go wild kind of night.

For a more conservative bride, relax with an at home spa party.  Break out the aroma therapy candles and have facials, manis and pedis while enjoying fresh fruit smoothies and salads.

Parties around Town
If going out is more your style, there are tons of activities and entertainment events that would be well suited for a bachelorette party.

For the bride who likes to knock back a few cocktails, rent a limo or party bus and embark on an all night bar and club tour where you can hit a variety of venues from sports bars to strip clubs.

If the bride is a dancing queen, you can become part of an interactive musical theatre experience with a post show dance party and bust a move with the cast.

The bride who’s a fitness fan might enjoy a night of pole dancing or striptease lessons. A great workout and lots of fun, some studios even offer customized party packages with added services like professional photography to document the event.

A culinary class where your group prepares and eats a meal together is a great bachelorette party idea for the bride who loves to cook or eat.  Many classes allow you to select from a number of menus so there’s sure to be something everyone likes.

Let’s not forget the competitive bride who likes to play to win.  A scavenger hunt customized around the bride is a unique and amusing way to spend a night out with the girls.

Weekend Parties
Who doesn’t like a girl’s weekend?  A weekend getaway is the perfect time to kick back, relax and really let loose.

Take a walk on the wild side and try your luck in Vegas or Atlantic City. In addition to gambling, both cities offer fine dining, fabulous shows and exciting nightlife.  If it’s shopping and dancing you prefer, check out Miami’s great boutique stores and pulsating nightlife.  Each of these locations makes a great bachelorette weekend destination.

For a quieter, more relaxing girl’s weekend, check into a spa retreat in Tucson or Santa Fe.  Relax and revitalize with a massage, facial and mud bath and take in the breathtaking scenery. 

If you prefer wine over wellness, a vineyard tour in Napa Valley or New England also makes for a great girls’ getaway. Enjoy tasting different types of wines, dine in fine restaurants and sightsee for a weekend of girl bonding.

No matter what type of bachelorette party your group prefers, a party that’s planned around everyone’s likes and budgets is sure to make friendships stronger and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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