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(udpated November 2011)

The Do’s and Don’ts of Bridal Shower & Wedding Thank you Notes!
Written by Nancy Whalen of Creative Papers

Bridal showers can be a blast, especially for the bride to be! Then comes the annoying part – getting the thank yous written and mailed ASAP. Check out some unique and stylish thank yous for 2011 to make this task exciting and fun:

Bridal Shower Thank Yous


Wedding Thank Yous


Thank you tips:

  • Get them out before the wedding – make sure whomever is taking notes for you at the shower, takes good, descriptive notes – will make it so much easier for you to write the thank you’s.
  • Unless you had a coed shower, the note should come just from you (not your fiancé).
  • Write the thank you’s on note cards with your maiden name on it. Stationery with your married name or you and your fiance’s combined initials or names, can't be used until after the big day.
Rhode Island bridal makeup artistsTip: We always suggest that thank you notes for the shower have only your first name on the front – then they can be used forever, for whatever! If you add your maiden name, they quickly become obsolete unless you use all before the wedding.

Who needs a thank you note?
Wedding thank you notes should always be sent on formal stationery, generally matching your wedding invitations. Who needs a thank you note? According to Peggy Post, all of the following

  • Anyone who gives you a wedding gift.
  • Your attendants. A warm personal note attached to your gift to each of your attendants will let them know how much you appreciate their efforts and support.
  • Anyone who hosted a party or shower. Each host/ess should be thanked individually with a note.
  • People who house or entertain your wedding guests.
  • Anyone who assists you before, during or after your wedding.
  • Suppliers and Professionals. Those that exceed your expectations will appreciate a courteous note of thanks.
  • Your parents or whomever is hosting your wedding.”
Rhode Island bridal makeup artistsTip:simple etiquette dictates that you never send a preprinted "Thank You" nor use email. Handwritten notes express sincerity; generic pre-printed text does not. A personal thank you is the only appropriate way. If you've thanked someone in person, it is still necessary to send a note.
Learn more on writing Thank You notes.

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