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Out-of-Town Wedding Guests

Personalized wedding gift bags are becoming an increasingly popular way to thank guests, family, and friends for traveling from afar to celebrate your special day. Even if you're having your wedding in your hometown, they're a great idea for out-of-towners, and you can start preparing these gift bags/baskets well before the big day. Here are some ideas for making your wedding guest gift bags one-of-a-kind.

wedding totes

1. First things first, choose a container to hold all of your special wedding favors. You can go with a beautiful basket, or choose something more customized to your wedding. If you're having a beach wedding, consider using colorful sand pails. You can also customize it to your interests. If the two of you enjoy the outdoors, consider using a flowerpot. Or if you're a couple of movie lovers, think about using a popcorn bucket. Other ideas include reusable canvas totes (way to go green!) or paper gift bags that complement your wedding decoration colors.

Newport, Rhode Island

2. The purpose of a wedding guest gift bag or basket is to welcome your guests to the area and accommodate them with things they may need during their trip. If they have never been to the town or city where you’re wedding will be taking place, maps and city guidebooks are a great wedding favor. They're incredibly helpful if your guests will be on their own for a couple of days before the wedding, and if you're on a budget, many visitor centers provide local maps and brochures for the unbeatable price of free!

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3. Does your hometown have a specialty or regional favorite? Be sure to include local products that you think your guests will enjoy such as homemade jams, baked goods or distinctive local snacks. If you have a favorite restaurant in the area, consider including a gift card in the basket to cover their dinner for the night. Your guests will also appreciate arriving to bottled water, juice, coffee, tea, snacks, or a bottle of wine after their long trip. You can even personalize bottles and snacks with creative wedding-themed labels.

starfish candle starfish wine stopper

4. A great place to find unique wedding and welcome favors is in your local souvenir shops. If you are having a beach wedding, include a starfish or sand dollar inside the basket; or perhaps there is a favor or goodie that represents Rhode Island being the smallest state or something unique that applies to the town you grew up in.

weddnig cameras

5. Think about items your guests might need while on their trip such as sunscreen, sunglasses, or a disposable camera. Other alternatives include hand soaps, an aromatherapy candle, bath salts, and/or a pretty washcloth. Again, think locally! Consider a local shop that offers hand-made soaps or candles. Guests will love to receive something from your hometown/state!

6. For guests you know really well, create unique baskets . If your grandmother really likes tea, maybe she'd appreciate some regional tea. If your cousin loves to golf, include directions to the nearest golf course. Tea Forte in Massachusetts not only was locally founded but has unique packaging your guests will love!

Don't forget to write a welcome note and attach to each basket. Also be sure to include directions to the venue (and back), a list of restaurants and activities in the area. If you're having a weekend of wedding events, include a program for your guests. You may also want to include contact information for the best person to call (you'll most likely have your hands full) in case your guests have any questions during their stay.

Providing your guests with a nice surprise waiting in their guest room is not only courteous, but a nice way to thank them for traveling a long distance to celebrate with you. These are just a few ideas to get you started on creating wedding guest gift bags. The only limit to what you include is your imagination, so get started making your out-of-town guest bags now!

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