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Wedding Registries That Go Beyond Department Stores

Most couples will tell you that they do not expect gifts from their invited shower or wedding guests; however, guests enjoy showering the bride and groom with gifts at every occasion. Some couples need everything to stock the shelves of their new homes while others who are living together may not need household items at all. So how’s a guest supposed to know what to buy? This is where the bridal registry comes in. If you’re creating a bridal registry, here are some trends that go beyond the department store that you should know about.

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Universal Gift Registries: Many brides register at three, even four different department stores, but now there are sites that let you add gifts from any store on the Internet onto one universal gift registry.  You can synch all your store registries into one registry and connect and share your list via Facebook and Twitter.

Honeymoon Registries: Although plenty of brides are still registering for traditional house wares and fine china, many couples are opting to register for honeymoon activities like his and her spa treatments on the beach, boating excursions or horseback rides on the beach, creating memorable moments right from the start of their married life.

Wish Registries: Without coming right out and asking for cash, couples are using registries which allow them to create a list of “wishes” that guests can contribute towards. Each couple creates their own unique wish list ranging from a new house to a college fund for their first born and guests can decide which wish they want to grant.

Not every couple feels comfortable “asking” for gifts, but whether a registry is created or not, it’s up to the guests to determine what they’d like to give. A registry does take the guess work out of gift buying for some people and by offering guests the option of purchasing a traditional physical gift or a more modern gift experience, there’s sure to be a gift that every guest would be happy to give.

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