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Symbolic Wedding Themes

Symbols are used as representation of an invisible or intangible thing like an idea, virtue or feeling. Symbols can have more than one meaning depending on the interpretation of a particular culture or heritage.  Symbols date back to ancient times and are still commonly used today especially at weddings.  Most people know that the wedding ring symbolizes unending love or that the white wedding gown symbolizes purity but have you ever wondered about the meaning of some other popularly used symbols?
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In some cultures, butterflies symbolize a soul or the mind.  In other cultures, because of the metamorphosis a butterfly goes through, it is a symbol of rebirth.  It is this symbol of rebirth or new life which applies during a wedding ceremony.

Love bird wedding accessories

Lovebirds are affectionate and paired birds bond and spend a lot of time together.  The behavioral characteristics of lovebirds are essential qualities that make for a successful married relationship as well.

Calla Lily
The calla lily symbolizes beauty and its meaning comes from the Greek word for beauty, kallos. The white calla lily, commonly used for weddings, symbolizes purity of thought, an admirable trait for a newly married couple.

Irish wedding accessories

Irish ~ Celtic, Love Knot, Trinity Knot
There are many different Celtic symbols. The Claddagh ring is traditionally worn as a wedding band. The heart held by two hand is a symbol of love and the ring itself is a symbol of love, loyalty and friendship. Celtic Knots are another symbol used at weddings because their interlacing lines stand for no beginning or end and the binding of two spirits. The Trinity Knot represents the three promises of a relationship such as to love, honor, and protect.

Doves mate for life, remain true to their mates and both parents care for the young making them a symbol of love.  Doves appear symbolically in many religions and they are even sometimes released at Christian weddings.  Doves are a traditional Christian symbol of peace as well.

If there is a particular meaning or theme you’d like to incorporate into your wedding, than look for a symbol that represents that idea.  Bridal accessories with depictions of popular and trendy symbols are readily available to bring your intangible concepts to life.
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